California Highway Patrol intend to adopt ELD mandate for intrastate carriers
  • October 21, 2023

California Highway Patrol intend to adopt ELD mandate for intrastate carriers

Only two states in the US haven`t adopt the ELD mandate for intrastate carriers yet and California is one of them. The Department of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) wants to change this and has proposed the adoption of this regulation for intrastate carriers but has included some exemptions.

According to the CHP, since the state of California doesn`t require to intrastate drivers to use ELDs to record their duty status they are not meeting the federal regulations, that do require the use of ELDs. California Highway Patrol`s proposed regulation in relation to Intrastate ELD mandate is very similar the federal regulation but it has some exemptions:
• When the truck being driven was manufactured before model year 2000, as reflected in the vehicle identification number (VIN) and as shown on the vehicle`s registration.
• When a driver is in a driveaway-towaway operation in which the vehicle being driven is part of the shipment being delivered
• When a mostly short-haul driver is required to keep logs eight or fewer days in a 30-day period
• intrastate drivers of the following vehicles are not required to keep logs in California, as long as the carrier can provide documentation of their total time worked and time of reporting on- and off-duty each day for six months:
- Vehicles owned and operated by any forestry or fire department of any public agency
- Vehicles, owned and operated by local law enforcement agencies, which are engaged in the transportation of inmates or prisoners within the county where the agency is located
- The vehicle is an Authorized Emergency Vehicle as defined by California code
- A vehicle that is operated by a driver who is operating under California`s 100 air-mile radius exemption

CHP is accepting written comments regarding its proposal until Dec. 19. These comments can be sent by email to, fax to (916) 322-3154, or mail to:
California Highway Patrol
Enforcement and Planning Division
Commercial Vehicle Section
Attention: Sergeant David Kelly
P.O. Box 942898
Sacramento, CA 94298-0001

Please visit the CHP`s official website for more information:

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