The 7 healthy life resolutions for a trucker this 2023
  • October 21, 2023

The 7 healthy life resolutions for a trucker this 2023

It`s the ideal time for all truckers to review what happened to them during the past 2022 and start a new year focusing on the most important thing, health. For that they must:

- Establish a physical exercise routine
This advice may sound very difficult because of the type of work truckers have, but trying to find time to be on the move will change their physical state. Spending so many hours sitting behind the wheel has consequences.

If they practice at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, such as walking, they will improve their physical condition, promote their health and feel good about themselves. They shouldn`t just sit staring at their phone, they need to get out of their truck and walk around the vehicle.

- Adopt a balanced diet
Choosing the right foods every time they stop at a truck stop is very important for their diets and will make a lot of difference in the health of truckers, because they will be avoiding illnesses and will have a better willingness to drive.

For that they will have to hydrate a lot, avoid very fatty, processed and excessively sugary foods. Be organized, to always carry healthy food in the truck, like fruit or homemade food, which will contain the most appropriate nutrients for each trucker. If they also reduce the consumption of sugar and salt, they will help to reduce their weight and have their blood pressure controlled.

- Give up smoking
It`s the right time to find a way to stop smoking. This bad habit only brings damage to truckers` health. On the one hand, they will be benefiting their health and on the other saving money. Seeking medical or group help will help to make the decision to say goodbye to cigarettes.

- Reduce alcohol consumption
There are truckers who, at the end of their day driving on the highway, decide to have a beer with their dinner every day. This habit can be very harmful to their health, if they reduce consumption for specific occasions their health will benefit.

- Fight and control stress
Driving is too stressful on its own, it`s impossible to avoid stress, but it`s possible to control the stress level. Truckers must avoid increasing stress and losing their minds due to all the situations that happen on the road. There are relaxation and breathing techniques to keep themselves balanced and less stressed.

- Do regular medical check-ups
An annual visit to the doctor to check the state of health is important, especially after a certain age. Mainly to prevent any possible diseases.

- Dedicate time to themselves
Separate a special moment to do whatever the truckers feel like doing, be it rest, read a book, listen to music, take a walk, spend time doing a hobby to recharge their batteries and feel good about themselves.

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